Spirituality content is central on the themes of love, spirituality, commonality and the perpetual probe of "Who Are You?

Poets and sages, philosophers and scientists, commoners and kings have all asked the aforesaid query since the dawn of clip. "Who Am I?"

Spirituality intelligence asks, "Do you cognize who you truly are?"

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We live in in a comparative existence wherever we are able to put in the picture what something is by comparison it to thing that it is not. A car is not a seat. A gnawer is not an proboscidean. A quality is not a electronic equipment. And, of course, you are not me. At slightest not on the somatogenic level of the virtual.

This theory of einstein's theory of relativity allows us to demarcate and description record of the renowned world but never really comes stick to describing "who you really are." the ground for this is highly unpretentious. You are markedly more than a physiologic body. Describing your quality organic structure is unproblematic. If you were honorable your human unit you could be far-famed as the organism near the nightlong light-haired hair, or the personality near the barefaced director. These are animal traits and they are factor of your corporal lipstick but maximum nation would hold that they are but descriptions of your article but they don't answer the sound out of "Who are you?"

These geological descriptions don't run into depiction the non-physical piece of you resembling your nature or your reminiscences or your aspirations. These are the non-physical aspects of you that go untold deeper into sensitive the concrete you but they don't finish the mathematical statement either.

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You are not your thing.

There is more than to you than your ecological natural object that travels this earth and experiences all of the terrific things that come up into your vivacity done your thoughts, lines and activity.

There is much to you than your non-physical same that makes up your self and allows you to meditate the judgment you think, have your memory of sometime experiences and allows your imagination to tough grind towards your own particular desires.

The mathematical statement is ready when you add in the essence portion of your existence. This is the meta-physical factor of you that is your seam to "Source Energy". It is the storehouse of the entirety of you. It is the you until that time this geographical be of you existed and it is the you after this corporal comprise is no much. It is the permanent and never-ending quality in you that connects you to the timeless and limitless practice of natural life.

Body, Mind and Spirit

Who you truly are is a three-part human being made up of your personal body, your non-physical head and your meta-physical real meaning. You are a body, mind, character human being and in the best authenticity of you, you are dateless and unchanging.

Isn't that liberating? To cognize that you are limitless and eternal? To cognize that you ne'er really die? You simply correction genre to go on to your close building. Use this notice of your real make-up to net this contribution natural life conditions one of Joy, Peace and Love.

This is your honorable temperament. Who you genuinely are is esteem. And not basically love, but Unconditional Love. Your derivation is "Unconditional Love". You are one beside your beginning and you are "Unconditional Love'. You are present in this bodily world beside one mission, to endure Unconditional Love in all of its polar perspectives.

Every suffer in your energy fulfills that plan. When you become conscious this hypothesis perfectly you will begin to know, in this prevalent reality, "Who You Really Are."

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