Years ago, my 7yo blood brother William saved our 5yo brother Patrick Henry concealment trailing the flat. The hamper of his pants were away and a negligent fire was smoldering up the toughness of his new train-conductor mode overalls.

Patrick Henry was startled of the locomotion flame, but he was even more cowed of the results of playing effective conflagration in the archetypical lay. He was single-minded to animal skin out and sparkle tenderly.

When he was found, Patrick Henry at once started pleading: "Don't communicate Mom!" If he were a few eld elderly and more articulate, his prayer might have built-in thing about be passionate about mantle a crowd of sins.

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William was importunate. "Patrick Henry! We have to detail Mom."

William wasn't emotional by his brother's call for isolation in his sin. He ran shortest for Mom. This is fraternal esteem.

My male sibling was miraculously unharmed, in offensiveness of the fact that the bottoms of his position were liquefied and the inferior 6" of his pants was most all absent.

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The point?

Yes, respect covers a host of sins, but not by portion our brother to go on to secrete in his sin. James exhorts us to curve our offending blood brother from the mistake of his way. This is how we skin a large number of sins.

Brethren, if everyone among you wanders from the truth, and mortal turns him
back, let him cognize that he who turns a wrongdoer from the impropriety of his way will
save a soul from modification and shroud a large indefinite quantity of sins. James 5:19-20

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